Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flower Headband Tutorial

Happy Saturday, everyone! As I am about to head out the door to have a girls' day with a dear friend full of shopping, eating, and Twilight watching, it seems only natural to share a very feminine headband I made the other night.

I apologize in advance for the crap pictures. Now that it's flippen dark at 5pm, I obviously need to put better lighting in the craft room. Grrr, winter.

How to make a flower headband!

 Here's what you need: ribbon (to make the flower, or two pre-made flowers), lace, 3/8" braided elastic, scissors, measuring tape, hot glue gun, pins, pearl beads, needle, thread, and felt.

Cut a 19" piece of elastic--this is an average one size fits all for teens and adults. You can seal the cut edges by holding them close to, but not it, a flame. Overlap the two ends by at least 1/2"--be sure the elastic isn't twisted!

 I love this totally useless picture. Use your needle and thread to sew a few stitches through the overlapped ends. You've just created your headband!

 Another fabulous pic courtesy of me at 11pm... Put the headband on and use pins to mark where you want the embellishment to be. Cut two squares of lace elastic that are just a bit bigger than your flowers. Use your hot glue to attach the lace pieces to the backs of the flowers.

 Remove your marking pins and hot glue the flowers to the elastic (show on the left side). Warning: it's pretty likely you'll burn yourself at this point. I have the marks to prove it. Let's hope you're less clumsy than me.

Cut two pieces of felt the same size as your flowers. The felt serves two purposes: to ensure your flower stays on the elastic, and to cover the ugliness underneath the flower. Glue the felt circles to both the elastic and the flower, as shown on the right side of the photo above.

 Use your needle and thread again to tack down some pearl beads for extra embellishment. I added four on either side of the flowers and three between the flowers.

                        VOILA! You've created a totally unique headband for yourself or a friend.

Sometime soon, I will post a tutorial on how to make ribbon roses! Promise!