Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blogging Virgin No More!

I've done it! 

I've taken a leap of faith and entered the mysterious world that is bloggery (at least that's what I like to call it. Hey, it's fun to say, I'm easily amused, and I have a strange habit of making up words. Makes sense to me! Although, the more times I say bloggery, the more it sounds like buggery. That reminds me of the time I called my London host mum's dog a "cute little bugger." Stateside, that doesn't mean much except that's he's adorable. My host mum, however, thought I was calling her dog gay or implying that poor little Oscar had a not so pleasant experience coming his way. Note to readers: use the phrase "getting buggered" VERY carefully in the UK. In fact, I heard Ralph Fiennes say that last night when I saw Skyfall! Holy crap, Daniel Craig is such a babe... Focus, woman!).

I've followed some of my favorite blogs for years now and all the while I thought to myself, can I do that? Will people take an interest in what I do in my spare time? I'm not a cool mom (or a mom at all), or a painter, or a designer, or a chef. What's so fascinating about my life? The truth is: not much. I'm a recent college grad who has a stressful, thankless job, can't figure out what to do with my future, trying to find the beauty in every day life. Then I thought about how most of the bloggers I follow are average, every day people who have a sense of humor, a few talents, extra time on their hands, and a desire to feel connected. Once I came to that realization, I told myself to grow a pair and put myself out here to see what will happen.

This little bloggery-boo will mostly be a chronicle of the random crap I do in my spare time. This crap usually consists of DIY projects, crafts, and cooking, but it's likely I'll give random shoutouts to my favorite things in life--JOHNNY DEPP, MARRY ME!--like theater, music, and relaxation. I may also occasionally express my hatred for stuff like working out and peppers. Sick.