I crack myself up. I usually only look like that before 8am.

My name is Danni, and I'm a semi-recent college graduate/adult, I think. I work full-time with at-risk teens. At night, you'll find me crafting, cooking, reading, writing, or getting my DIY on. I am a complete sewing novice so don't poke too much fun at me when I have an meltdown over a sewing project--it will happen. Actually, I will probably be laughing with you after I cry a little over my wounded pride. Hope you enjoy reading about my adventures!

If you're really interested, here are some things that make getting out of bed worth the effort:

cooking for family and friends (if I'm alone, I don't cook)
chai tea
The Rolling Stones
fleece blankets
80s, fantasy, and classic movies
a jaw-dropping theatre performance
Tom Stoppard's Arcadia
the satisfaction of making things with my own hands
wrapping presents
pumpkin flavored coffee
Red Hot Chili Peppers
a book you cannot put down
a perfectly organized drawer or room: my drug of choice
snuggling a baby
singing Adele, P!nk, or Joss Stone loudly in inappropriate locations