Monday, March 10, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Sweets Round-up!

Hello, lovelies!

If you're looking for a St. Patrick's Day treat, you've come to the right place. I'll give you the hook up to five amazing recipes in the hopes of inspiring you and introducing you to a couple of really great cooking blogs. Of the five, I've tried two myself, and cannot wait to try the other three. Let's get to the goods, shall we?

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes, Brown Eyed Baker
Here sit last year's cupcakes in all their glory. This year, I first used a baker's spatula to frost the cupcakes,
then tinted the remaining frosting green to pipe on shamrocks.

lots of dirty dishes, pricey alcohol, they disappear really suddenly

These are THE BEST cupcakes I've ever had or made. Ever, ever, ever. Baking them has become a St. Paddy's Day tradition in our house. What could be better than Guinness chocolate cupcakes filled with whiskey chocolate ganache, topped with Bailey's buttercream frosting? The flavor combos are inspired by the Irish Car Bomb, a drink composed by dropping a shot glass of whiskey and Irish cream into a pint of Guinness. Believe me, these cupcakes disappear as quickly as the drink does (apparently the drink curdles if not drunk fast won't run that risk with the cupcakes so I think these are a better use of the alcohol!).

You'll need Guinness, Bailey's, and Jameson to do justice to this recipe, as well as a few hours of your time. The result is well worth the effort. Good luck keeping the filling and frosting free of trespassers when you're baking the cupcakes.

Irish Cream Cheesecake,

cons: richer than Richie Rich; I cannot explain the mangled edge

Every year, Mr. J requests a cheesecake for his birthday. For his big 25 in November, I found this chocolate Bailey's cheesecake and knew it was the one. I was really impressed with the recipe, and not just because of its perfect balance of tangy and sweet flavors or the incredibly smooth texture. This is the first cheesecake I baked that didn't crack on the top! I followed the recipe exactly (so rare) and I recommend you do the same if you give it a whirl. There are a ton of suggestions in the comments, though, if you're interested in trying some variations.

Bailey's White Chocolate Fudge,


cons: ...Bailey's, butter, sugar...

 Are you noticing a trend? Obviously, I'm obsessed with Bailey's. Don't judge me, you know you love it, too. This recipe has been sitting on one of my Pinterest boards for many months but I haven't tried it yet. However, it sounds so easy and delicious that I wanted to share it with you! Bailey's, butter, sugar, milk, and white chocolate melt and bubble together to create a simple, dreamy fudge.

Thin Mint Truffles, Cookin' Cowgirl 

pros: THIN MINTS!!! (and no cooking required)
cons: Can the thin mint really be enhanced? Really?

March brings two things to the Northeastern U.S. to make the remainder of winter bearable: Saint Patrick's Day and Girl Scout Cookies. I have no idea if Girl Scout cookies are as sacred to the rest of the country as they are where I grew up in upstate New York, but I've yet to meet a person who doesn't at least adore them. This no-bake dessert blends coveted Thin Mints with cream cheese, then smothers the scrumptious spheres in festive white chocolate.

Bailey's Mousse, Weight Watchers UK

pros: BAILEYS!!!!!
cons: reviewers warn that letting it set up for too long will actually make it separate

The flavors and texture of the mousse sound stellar. I like that it is a lighter and healthier alternative to the luscious cheesecake discussed above, but is still sweet and creamy. I will tell you that the reviews are mixed: some said the treat was quick and easy to make, while others complained that the mousse separated in the refrigerator. However, there's a consensus that if the mousse is chilled briefly (for about an hour and a half) the texture stays true.

I hope you have a fun, happy, and safe St. Patrick's Day! Let me know if you try any of these recipes. 


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