Sunday, March 16, 2014

Project Sunday: Easy Upcycled Storage Solution

Hello, lovelies!

Welcome back to Project Sunday! If you've missed past Project Sundays, you can find them here: lamp revamp, desk makeover, braided hairstyles, button earrings, nightstand makeover, peppermint bark & toffee bark, St. Patrick's Day sweets round-up

Today, I'm sharing a quick DIY solution to a storage kerfuffle. I needed some pantry containers for my many spices; more importantly, I wanted them on the cheap. After rummaging through the recycling bin and my craft supplies, I had the materials I needed. This project took me about 10 minutes and produced two perfectly-sized boxes to hold my spices and extracts.

All you need is a cardboard box, gift wrap, and tape (both duct and clear). The box I used was a family pack of granola bars, but you can use any size box that will suit your needs.

The first step is to cut the box in half lengthwise. I quickly measured and marked halfway up the side all around the box. I ended up using both scissors and a serrated kitchen knife to do the job--this cardboard was so thick! Who knew granola bars needed such protection? You may need to tape one side of each half closed to keep the flaps together and stabilize the box.

Next, use your gift wrap to cover the boxes. It can be tricky, but be patient. My tip is don't fuss at all with the underside of the box and instead focus on making the outer sides the prettiest (although you can always hide an ugly side with the way you place the box). Remember, your box will be filled with stuff, so you will hardly notice any oopsies on inner sides. You can tell that mine were far from perfect.

Fill your boxes, and you're done! It's almost too easy, right?

The bright chevron print makes me smile every time I go in search of ranch mix, taco seasoning, or pumpkin pie spice. This DIY is such a great way to reuse and recycle. You can use up paper gift wrap this way if you're trying to make the switch to wrapping gifts with fabric.


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