Sunday, December 22, 2013

Project Sunday: Nightstand Makeover

Hello, lovelies!

So much has happened since the last post (I know it's been forever...sorry!), and on another day I'll write about the whirlwind that has blown through our lives since November 10th. There's been so much joy and sadness in these past weeks, and I need to collect my thoughts before I can write about all of it. In the meantime, I have a backlog of things to blog about, and I'd like to introduce a new schedule so there's a project and a recipe every week. There will be lots of great additions to CC in its second year.

Past Project Sundays: lamp revamp, desk makeover, braided hairstyles, button earrings

I love free stuff, and useful stuff. The only thing better than free stuff is inexpensive stuff. I'm very happy that I only spent $16 to makeover two nightstands, which we needed in our bedroom to house a random collection of books, paperwork, jewelry, etc. I wasn't willing, however, to spend a small fortune to get them.

The stars seemed to align after I cleaned out my childhood bedroom and rediscovered these two white nightstands. They're not glamorous, but they're durable and I won't be heartbroken if we have to sell them or leave them behind the next time we move. As you can see, my 13-year-old self started a beautification process, but I never finished it.

Check out that stellar palm tree. Skills, my friends, skills.

A second big break came in this project after I visited a friend who had somewhat recently painted a vintage dresser olive green and had leftover paint to spare. SCORE!

It took some brainstorming before I knew what else I wanted to do with the nightstands. I felt a military-ish vibe and knew that I could achieve that look with brass nailhead trim. With a coupon at Joann's, I spent $16 on the trim, and used all of it on the nightstands. Here's what I purchased:

 I couldn't take photos of the process because I was working in the basement. There was no way I was going to sand and paint outside in New York State November temperatures. No thank you. I'll stay in the concrete, dark basement.

I sanded the nightstands, wiped them down with a damp towel, then painted two coats of olive green paint. I let them cure overnight before nailing on the trim. 

Before and After:
Hurray for crooked pictures! This is what happens when you try to take photos in a small room.

To make our bedroom a bit more festive, I dug out the red down comforter. Here's what the stands look like in our room.

We clearly need some artwork in there.... Maybe that will be a future project! Any suggestions? Usually we have a gray comforter on the bed, so I think a bright piece above the bed would look interesting.

 Here's a very bright photo of my stand:

And Mr. J's rather naked stand:

Neither of the lamps are very exciting, as they were both gifted to us, and the blue mosaic candle holders are from Pier One.

How is your Project Sunday?

Much love,

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