Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hoppy Belated Easter!

In the past, Mr. J and I spent Easter with our families, going to religious services and having dinner. But this year, we decided to stay in our home and make dinner for our friend, Jie. He enjoyed St. Patrick's Day with us last month and really enjoyed that American holiday, so we though we'd introduce him to the secular side of Easter (that is the Easter bunny, basket, eggs, etc.). 

We got him a nice little basket with chocolate and candy to get him in the holiday spirit. He brought us some gorgeous orange tulips!

In addition, we made a multicultural dinner of turkey, stuffing, Brussels sprouts, and lamb dumplings.

I considered making a more complicated Easter dessert, but in the end I whipped up some chocolate-covered strawberries. I have white and milk chocolate chips in the freezer, so I made a little of both!

They went perfectly with my red flower cake stand!

Mr. J and I knew we had to dye eggs with Jie for his first Easter! Instead of buying a box of fizzy dye tablet things, I used boiling water, white vinegar, and liquid food dye. You know, the kind you use for frosting and such.

 I made yellow, orange, red-pink, mint green, blue, and violet. For each color, I put 1/2 cup boiling water, 1 tsp. vinegar, and 20 or so drops of food coloring in a coffee mug.

We did have to leave each egg in a dye for a few minutes, but we weren't in a hurry.

Jie was so excited about the eggs becoming beautiful pastel colors. It was really fun to dye eggs again after so many years. It needs to be a reinstated tradition.

A couple of the eggs are cracked...so sad!
I will be posting more this week on the dinner!
Enjoy! xo