Monday, February 18, 2013

Better late than never? Sexy Vegetarian Monday?

Hello, lovelies! Happy President's Day if you live in the States, and happy day off to me :D

So, I realize that today is, in fact, not Thursday and that I am four days late in posting a new vegetarian recipe. However, I don't feel that bad about it because this weekend has been so relaxing! I literally spent all of yesterday watching Scrubs and scrapbooking. On Saturday, Mr. J took me out for a lovely date. We saw Silver Linings Playbook at the cinema, which provided the laughs we both needed, and then we went to a trendy organic restaurant. I had the most amazing rigatoni ala vodka sauce! I have to love a dish smothered in cheese. All in all, I am happy that I didn't put pressure on myself to blog when I didn't feel happy.

The end of last week was really difficult and, to be honest, I struggled to compartmentalize work from home and keep work issues where it belonged: in the office. I'm thankful that Mr. J is so understanding and supportive. I texted him on Valentine's Day (the day that shit hit the fan at work, and, coincidentally, on sexy vegetarian Thursday) to ask him to give me some quiet space to wallow when I came home. I took a bath surrounded by candles, soft music, and a couple glasses of wine. I felt like a new person 30 minutes later. When I had dressed and opened the bathroom door, there stood my Mr. J. He was holding two beautiful roses, one pink, one red. 

I really am a lucky girl.

We worked together to create this delicious meal that night, and Mr. J said it immediately became one of his favorite vegetarian dishes. Hearing that from the meat-eater was lovely :)
Leek, Spinach, and Blue Cheese Frittata

 Melt about 1 Tbs. of  butter in a large skillet. Add: 2 diced garlic cloves; 3 large handfuls of spinach, roughly chopped; 1 leek, diced. (As you can see in the picture, the spinach cooked down significantly! It looks like there's hardly any greens in there.) Cook over medium heat until everything is soft and you can smell the garlic.

Beat 7 eggs in a medium bowl until combined and a bit frothy. Pour the eggs over the greens. Cook on medium for about 5 minutes until the edges are set.

Sprinkle blue cheese on top of the eggs (don't be shy!). Place the skillet in a preheated 300 degree oven. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes until firm.

Cut into eighths like you would a pizza and serve 2 slices to each person. We had some broccoli and more spinach with ours!

Enjoy! xo