Friday, November 1, 2013

Ten Fall Favorites!

Hello, lovelies!

It's officially fall, my favorite time of year! What's not to love? Crisper weather, beautiful leaves, pumpkin and apple flavored everything, and I can finally wear layers!

Mr. J and I kicked off fall right by picking 14 pounds of local apples and visiting nearby-ish farms. I get so excited about things I get to eat, like the apples, cheese curds, and donuts I noshed on that day. It's probably a crime how amped I get about apple cider donuts.
I thought it'd be fun to share with you some things I am in love with so far this fall, and you can share with me what's tickling your fancy during these cooler days. As I always tell the teens I teach, "Sharing is caring, unless it's a STD." It's a pretty sweet catch phrase. Spread it around. The saying, not an STD. 

Anyway...Let's get festive!
1. Mainstays Pumpkin Spice candle
Walmart, $5
This is one of the best pumpkin scented candles I've ever encountered. The scent permeates our entire apartment, and the wick burns evenly and slowly. When these babies went on sale in September, I bought two. I already wish I bought more because I already burned through one!

2. Wegmans Pumpkin Pie Coffee
Wegmans, $6.99

This is my favorite pumpkin coffee. I think Dunkins Donuts' flavor is horrid and overpowering. Wegmans' is flavorful without being too much. I've had it every day for the last month. So yummy!

3. local apple cider
4. fall scarf from Target
 Yes, this photo happened. I should know by now that it's impossible to take a selfie that doesn't look completely stupid. So, there it is, in all its awkward glory. Anyhow, the points of this ridiculous pic are: (a) I love apple cider, probably on an unhealthy level, and (b) look at my cute scarf! It was a Target snag 2 years ago. It has perfect fall colors and mixed floral prints, and is lightweight so it's easy to wear when the weather is still warm.

5. Lower East Side Chelsea Flat
 Payless ShoeSource, $19.99

I love these flats. They're super comfortable, a great faux-leather color, and affordable. You can count on Payless to have a BOGO sale, too, which is exactly how I scored these for just $10.

6. Graphic Crew Neck Sweater
Old Navy, $29.00
I love how preppy and happy this sweater is! The elbow patches really set it aside from your average striped shirt. It's also really comfy and warm, perfect for a fall day!

7. Heart Wrap & Nautical Charm Bracelets
 Alex & Ani, $48, $28



Admittedly, these were an indulgence. My mom insisted I buy myself something nice for my birthday and my best friend suggested Alex & Ani. They have really beautiful jewelry, and I love the vintage finish of these two pieces. I've worn them everyday for over a month.

8. Nail Polish
Pixel Don't Leaf It Behind: Wegmans, $1.99
Ulta Candy Coated: Ulta, $2 on sale
OPI You Don't Know Jacques: Ulta, $9
It was hard to capture a picture that does justice for these colors. I was on the hunt for a matte hunter green, a shimmery bronze, and a matte gray/taupe. I found all three in the same day! You Don't Know Jacques is the only OPI nail polish I own because, seriously, who wants to pay more the $5 for a bottle? I've been alternating between these three colors since the day fate brought them into my life :)

 9. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
Walgreens, $7.99

Luminoso is a very popular color in this line of baked blushes because it is very similar to a NARS blush that's over 3 times more costly. A little bit of this peach-gold shade goes a long way, so I thought it was a worthwhile investment. I feel like I'm glowing whenever I wear this.

10. Punctuate weekly planner in purple paisley
Barnes & Noble, journal
Making lists and filling out calendars are tasks I adore; they're so therapeutic! This planner and I are a match made in heaven. The cover's paisley print has great colors and stitching details, and I like the flexible texture of it. It also filled my requirement of a large, clean layout of the month so I can easily plan weeks ahead. The nerd in me is very happy.

What are you loving this fall?

Much love,