Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sexy Vegan Thursday! (and the people's C.C. choice nominations!)


Hello, beautiful people :D

I am so happy to be back to some semblance of a normal schedule, both in real life and in bloggerland. We're moved into the new place, but it is an absolute disaster zone. We're waiting on our busy landlord to follow through on this stuff to better organize the house:
  •  pantry. Yup, ya heard. There's next to NO storage in the tiny kitchen, which gives this lady the hives. Our "pantry" right now consists of two pink totes stuffed with spices, teas, etc.
  •  metal shelving for the basement (mostly to store all of Mr. J's tools, which are housed in the "dining room" that has no dining table...)
  •  shower head (because the current one is old and rubbish)
  • and some other junk. It's such a long list that it can't all fit in my brain.
Once the clutter is under control, I can proceed to decorate the house and keep trucking on with my projects! We're trying to keep our heads on between all this new home chaos and looking for jobs, plus Mr. J is finishing his thesis and my goal is to grow Cheeky Caprice. Fingers crossed something comes up for both of us soon! 

As for little C.C. here, I've got LOTS of new posts on the way, and I have some ideas to run by you.

These potential series (maybe future link parties) will join Sexy Vegetarian Thursday and Monthly Pin Tests.

What ones do you like? Do you have better names for these series?!

Tips and Tricks Tuesday: A helpful little nugget of info to make your life healthier and happier.

Project Sunday: (Get it? Like, Project Runway?... Maybe it's just me...) Some sort of craft or DIY undertaking, successes and flops alike!

Hidden Recipe:
Like a handwritten recipe tucked away in your grandmother's hand-me-down cookbook, this series will feature a random gem of a dish from my kitchen to yours
. Maybe a nice story of how I came to know the recipe included.

Any-whoozel, back to SVT, and the reason this post is a beat of a cheat: I'm counting this as July's Pin Test post. This recipe for Chickpea Curry is floating all over Pinterest, and I knew I had to try it out. It turned out be simple and delicious, just the way Sexy Vegetarian (or in today's case, Vegan) Thursday should be.

Here's the pin I followed--you should, too!

This was so easy and yummy. I highly suggest giving it a whirl, particularly if you're still new to vegetarian meals but are ready to venture further than eggs.

Much love,